Monday, July 21, 2014

Cheese Rolling at Cooper's Hill, Gloucestershire, 2014.

I'd heard of this crazy tradition of loonies throwing themselves down a steep hill in Gloucestershire in pursuit of a large cheese, and this year determined to go and see it for myself. (I even, briefly, considered taking part, until I saw how steep the hill was!) Here's the footage I took of this mad event, from my position of (relative) safety on the sidelines:

Foxes Eating Bread

There's a woman near me who feeds Foxes most evenings, and on this occasion I was able to stand nearby and film them eating the titbits she'd put out for them:

Whimbrels on Swansea Beach

I see this species most years, as they pass through Swansea Bay on their Spring migration. I came across this quite approachable flock at Blackpill on May 10th this year, and was able to film them with my little camcorder:

Song Thrush Singing

A Song Thrush singing in Clyne Woods, Swansea; filmed back on May 6th this year:

Swansea Bay in Time-Lapse

Some time-lapse footage shot over several months here in Swansea Bay, just using the time-lapse function on my cheap JVC Everio camcorder:

Robin Singing and Preening

I filmed this co-operative bird in Singleton Park, Swansea, back on April 6th. Camera used was a Canon 7D with a Sigma 500mm lens:

Pwll Du Bay, Gower, Wales

A little footage from a brief visit I made to the isolated Pwll Du Bay on the Gower Peninsula a few months ago:

(The lack of posts here has been due to me losing interest in photography, plus having difficulty logging in - and thus I post mainly to YouTube now: Please subscribe to my YouTube account!)