Monday, March 29, 2010

A Walk in the Rain

Took another quick walk down to Singleton Park at lunchtime, hoping the Ring-necked Parakeet might still be there. It wasn't! Contented myself with feeding the birds in the increasing rain for a few minutes. Took a few snaps, including this one of a Coal Tit coming to my picnic table for peanuts:

I then continued to Brynmill Park, a small park across the road from Singleton, and walked around the lake:

 Only birds of note were 5 Tufted Ducks (3 males and 2 females); 1 Cormorant; and my first migrants of the year, which were 6 of either Chiffchaffs or Willow Warblers, flitting between bushes on the edge of the lake. I'll try to head down with my big lens later to see if I can get a few pictures if they are still around.
Again, I continued to West Cross to fill up the Teasel heads with Niger seeds, and was surprised a little later to see a Goldfinch come down to feed in the pouring rain. Two more Goldfinches were perched in a nearby tree, but didn't come down. There were a surprising number of people out in the now-heavy rain, including this couple

and this cyclist:

I took a few shots of the profusely-blooming daffodils, before heading home. For this shot, I used a long exposure whilst handholding, the moistness which was now on the front of the lens adding to the softness of the image:

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