Monday, August 02, 2010

Common Blues

The last few days have been mainly cloudy here, with occasional periods of sunshine. When the sun has shone, it has brought out plenty of butterflies to feed on the flowers in the dunes at the top of my local beach. 'Cabbage' Whites (Large and Small Whites) have been probably the most conspicuous, due to their large size and fast-flying ways, but I've also seen a few Small Coppers, and, today, a bright yellow Brimstone. However, the most numerous seem to be Common Blues. The males are particularly striking, and range from this tatty individual, feeding on Common Ragwort:

to this pristine specimen:

The females have a beauty of their own, their wing colour ranging from a dark brown, to blue with just a few brown markings:

Here's one in the wings-folded position:

And, finally, a mated pair:

I haven't done much butterfly photography, so hope to get out and sharpen up my techniques before the summer is gone.


  1. Jeremy great shots and beautiful colours you don't need much sharpening up. yep your summers nearly gone. We still have winter here but at 22C today I afraid to see the temp after September.

  2. Stunning Images,fantastic colour.

  3. I agree with Philip.....These images are very sharp, beautifully done!

  4. beautiful picture with wonderful colors

  5. Great shots Jeremy and a very nice blog. Shame the summer is ending but one door closes and another opens..........Look forward to your next post.

  6. Amazing photography.. Just love the two.,