Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Spring Flowers

On Sunday, I took a walk down through Singleton Park. The Botanical Gardens were brightened on this lovely spring day by this splendid show of Primulas:

There were still plenty of daffodils in bloom:

Summer Snowflake:

Further down the park, in the Ornamental Gardens, some native Bluebells (as well as the larger Spanish Bluebells) were coming into bloom, including this pink variant:

Most of the usual blue flowers were barely opening:

A more unusual white bloom:

These small pink flowers adorning a tree caught my eye as they were backlit by the late afternoon sun:

I liked the effect of the sun shining through this leaf against the dark background:

I continued down to the seafront, where I found the dunes alive with Dandelions. The headland known as 'The Mumbles' can be seen in the background:

Yet more backlighting, this time on Blackthorn blossom:

Finally, a large clump of daffodils planted by the roadside:


  1. There are beautiful flowers, and your genius with the camera, its marvelous.

  2. Thank you kindly, Bob. I think genius is a bit over the top, in my case. At least flowers don't run away, unlike birds!

  3. Really well done Jeremy!! By the way I didn't forget about the moon exif's. Both were the same and are:f8,1/800,EC+1, Iso 400, 500mm. My lens has a UV filter on it.The moon was shot about 3 in the afternoon on a bright day. Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  4. the primulas are so beautiful in so many colors