Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Golf Course Rooks

Whilst on my bayside walk the other day, I stopped off on Blackpill Golf Course to throw down a few crumbs, and was immediately surrounded by a flock of Rooks and Carrion Crows, as well as a couple of Magpies. Rooks are normally very wary in the countryside, but these city slickers were bold enough to come within range of a 200mm lens, so I took the opportunity of a few shots:

The sun even made a brief and rare appearance, which brought out the iridescence in the birds' plumage:

Singleton Hospital can be just about glimpsed in the background of these two shots:


  1. Some stunning images, the DOF is spot on and the colours are bright and vibrant.


  2. Great pictures Jeremy!
    It is always nice to see animals that do not just run or fly away..
    Yvonne & Raphael

  3. The Rook looks noble and wise and has beautiful patterns on the shades of gray to the black. I noticed it for the first time. It must be lovely to see the color of the feathers which keep changing in the sunlight.

    I also enjoyed seeing deer photos. Your deer look a little different from ours in Nara Park.

    Yoko from Japan

  4. Rooks, what a cool bird and delightful images of it going about whatever Rooks do. It looks like our Crow, not as large as our Raven~

  5. Spectacular shots of a beautiful bird. I like your blog.