Thursday, February 23, 2012

Foxes on a Trail Camera

For want of anything else to upload, I thought I'd post some footage of foxes which I filmed on a trail camera last summer. 
Once I had discovered the foxes, I needed to ascertain the best place to put my hide to try for some photos. So, I bought this trail camera, and set it up near an area where there were obvious signs of fox activity (the grass in the corner of the field had been flattened, and there were trails leading off into the undergrowth). By setting the camera to record the date and time on the photos, I was able to discover that the foxes were active up until 9 a.m. (although one fox did appear briefly at 1 p.m.), and that they emerged as early as 5 p.m. to bask in the sunshine on bright evenings. I then set the camera to video mode (unfortunately, this camera won't record the date and time in video mode), and was able to get the following footage (which is eight twenty-second clips merged together):

The video is not of the best quality, but I didn't want to buy a more expensive camera and risk it being stolen, and it did give me the information I wanted.
Once I had the knowledge of when and where the foxes were active, I was able to set up my hide and get these pictures.
All was going fine until the council decided to mow the overgrown field, and then steal my hide!
I have seen several foxes in nearby suburban streets since then; so, fingers crossed, I'll have another go at filming them this summer.


  1. Jeremy, that was really cool! I did not know they would bury a meal, to get to later...very neat! We have Red Foxes that show up here, but so seldom, it would never work to try and get this kind of video raccoons, yes;)

  2. Cool - I'd love to get one of those cameras Jeremy - so much fun! I've STILL never seen a fox!

  3. Some really good footage there Jeremy. I keep meaning to sort myself out with a trail camera to try and record our local foxes.

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