Saturday, May 05, 2012

Fox on a Trail Camera

I picked up my trail camera on Friday evening, and here's some of the footage it captured; all taken between 7.37 and 8.56 p.m. on May 2nd:

Pretty sure this is a different Fox to the one in my previous post, as this is near the other den at the far end of the field.
I wish I'd taken my big lens out with me, because, as I was walking up through Singleton Park, I located a Tawny Owl, and was able to stand right underneath it as it hooted, before flying off toward Brynmill Park. Would've made a great shot, but I only had a smallish lens with me.
And then there were the approachable Wheatears on the beach earlier.
 Anyone else find they get the best photos opps. when they've left their gear behind?!


  1. I liked this blog, Jeremy!
    Cheers from Argentina.

  2. Oh cool! You have a camera set up on the trail in the woods, so you wasn't there holding the camera filming this? Still, cool footage! =)

  3. Must be beautiful to see the vox so close-up.
    Have a nice sunday Jeremy

  4. Thanks for your comments. No, I wasn't there at the time. The Fox has a den about 10 yards from the camera, so I brought him closer with some catfood!

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