Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Badger on a Log

I've been feeding this Badger for a couple of weeks now, and he turns up about 11.30 p.m. each night without fail. I assumed he (or she) must come from Clyne Woods, a few hundred yards away, and reach this field via the large and sometimes overgrown gardens of the houses behind. The only problem to this theory was that there is a stream running between the field and the gardens, so how was it getting across? I then noticed a large tree that had fallen across the stream, which could conceivably provide a route over it. Only way to find out was to leave some food out on the tree, and set up my trail camera nearby, which is what I did. Here are the results of three nights' footage:

In fact, the fallen tree was a veritable highway, with - as well as the Badger - squirrels, birds, mice, rats, and various domestic cats, all using it to cross the brook. A Fox also appeared at the end of the log, but seemed disturbed by the red lights emitted by the camera, and soon disappeared, as did two dogs which briefly popped their heads in front of the lens.
Last night - Sunday into Monday - was the first time the Badger hasn't shown in the last two weeks. I only hope it hasn't been culled!


  1. They need two logs and a one way system. Great video

  2. Great to watch these Jeremy.

    Sadly my trail cam has given up filming at night. :-(

  3. Great capture, hope that badger is back again soon.

  4. Thanks for your comments. The Badger returned the next night after its 'night off', although I was too tired to go down to feed it last night. Hope it returns as I want to see if I can get some photos of it. Fingers crossed.

  5. Great story! My neighbor had one in his garden last week and it ate six corn cobs :)
    Really hope you can take some more photos!
    Have a nice week
    Yvonne & Raphael