Saturday, November 24, 2012


A rare clear evening (amidst the rain and gloom) saw me head down to the beach to try another star-trail shot.
My previous efforts HERE had shown me that a single exposure of longer than twenty minutes, even with long-exposure noise reduction activated, tended to result in excess digital noise, as well as picking up too much noise pollution from the city lights. This evening, I decided to try a different approach, and took five ten-minute exposures, one directly after the other, and combined them, along with a single dark-frame, in this free startrails application.
Here's the result:

I would have liked to have combined more shots for longer star-trails, but the clouds soon rolled over, so I headed for home.


  1. Excellent composition.
    These don't seem to have many gaps.
    Have you tried MAGIC LANTERN assuming you use Canon.

  2. Really nice image Jeremy, clever stuff :-)

  3. Well done, my dear friend! Looks great!
    Greetings from Switzerland

  4. THAT is a really cool photo - someday I am going to try to attempt a starry night shot, definitely on my to-do list.