Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Carrion Crow

I must have once fed some Carrion Crows on my regular walks along Swansea seafront; and now, whenever I walk a particular stretch of the coast path, several crows fly up to me as soon as I appear, clearly hoping for more food, and obviously able to distinguish me from other passers-by (mind you, a face like mine, once seen, is not easily forgotten!).
Today, I took advantage of the crows' familiarity by taking a few shots with my 'big gun':

Nictitating membrane down on this one's eye:

Inspecting me closely as I lay on the ground to steady my lens and get a low, intimate shooting angle:

Maybe not the most 'glamorous' birds, but I like them!


  1. The crows are beautiful and clever birds.
    Your pictures are great!

  2. T think these intelligent birds are quite handsome...well done series~

  3. Wonderful pictures Jeremy. You'll never guess what I feature in my blog this Wednesday? Crows, of course, but my pictures aren't as good as yours.

  4. I like then too Jeremy. Great shots of a great bird.
    I feed them at my local lake, and like you say, they do remember. :-)