Saturday, January 26, 2013

Life in the Slow Lane: Rhossili

What with the dull and dreary weather we've had lately, I haven't had much inclination to get out with my camera, or post to this blog.
So, here's a little video of the countryside around the village of Rhossili on the Gower Peninsula here in Wales, filmed on December 11th last year. It's a bit long and slow, but it does (hopefully) show the peace and beauty of the place in winter when there is hardly anyone around:


  1. Hi Jeremy, and I have been missing you! The video is very nice, relaxing, but oh I would so have loved to have seen still images of those beaches and sheep also...they are glorious. Hope that you are well. Take care~

  2. Hi Mary, Hope you are well, too, and thanks for your kind comment. I have so many pictures of this spot, but no video, so I decided to try filming on this occasion. I do wish, though, I had taken a picture of that bit towards the end with the couple walking next to the hut at sunset. Difficult to film and photograph at the same time, though!

  3. Beautiful.
    I'm missing Wales even more now. Can't wait to get back there.

  4. Hi Jeremy
    Great video just the sort of place I love peace and quiet with superb scenery.

  5. Nice video Jeremy.....good post.

    Greetings, Joop

  6. Hello Jeremy
    It's a wonderful place where you live.
    Is it your home in the cliff ?(time 5.00) :-) with the great view!
    Have a nice weekend

  7. Thanks for your comment. Angela, unfortunately that's not my home on the cliff! I live in the suburbs about 20 miles away!