Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Badger Gathering Bedding

I've been continuing to monitor, with my trail camera, the badger sett I found a few weeks ago. Here's some footage of a couple of badgers gathering bedding material. Quite funny to watch them slithering backwards into their burrows clutching a bunch of leaves:

On a totally different note, have a look at THIS ARTICLE in the Daily Mail. The buffoon featured is my brother (at least, I'm told we're related).


  1. Good stuff Jeremy. How do you load video's on to your blog? I have tried with no success.

  2. Mike, assuming your videos are on YouTube, this is how I put them on this blog:- View the video, and click the 'Share' button under the video. Then click 'Embed', and you should see some code beneath, which you can then copy and paste onto your blog. There are a few options, such as 'Video size', but I just use 640x360, which seems to be the default. That's it - hope it helps!

  3. Great fun to watch, for sure an exciting and wonderful experience.


  4. Goodness!! It may take some time for me to recover from watching the video on the DM article ;-) Obviously a clever chap though speaking all those languages!

    What a great piece of Badger video Jeremy, really fascinating to watch all that careful manoeuvring.

  5. Great badger video, all that comfy bedding should keep them dry and warm, reminds me a bit of me gathering up leaves and trying to wrestle them into garbage bags.