Thursday, November 18, 2010

Pembrey and Burry Port

A few pictures from Tuesday's wander around the harbours at Burry Port and Pembrey, two small towns on the north shore of the Burry Inlet, and situated between Llanelli and Carmarthen.
At Burry Port harbour, I spotted this Cormorant hanging out his wings to dry:

A Grey Heron flew overhead:

Looking down onto the sandy beach that separates the two harbours, I spotted this flock of Brent Geese in flight:

A Grey Heron sat serenely in splendid isolation on his sandbank:

The geese landed on the beach, and I lay face down on the ground with my camera and lens resting on a beanbag to try for a few shots without disturbing the birds (the bloke in the background looks a bit bemused by my antics!):

This goose was so relaxed, he stood around balancing on one leg:

I just managed to squeeze this Cormorant into the frame as it flew over:

As the tide began to rise, Redshanks moved from feeding on the mudflats to roost on the walls around Burry Port harbour, allowing me to sneak close enough for a couple of shots:

One of numerous Little Egrets flying past:

A Grey Heron was perched in a field by the harbour:

Before a dog appeared, and off it flew:

I then went round to the other side of the harbour, walking a short way eastwards towards Llanelli, where I came upon a small pond containing the ubiquitous Mallards, and two pairs of Gadwalls. Unfortunately, the Gadwalls were too far away for any decent shots, but hopefully I'll be back soon to try for some pictures of them. Always something new to see and photograph in the natural world!


  1. Congratulations for your work. The quality of your images is outstanding.
    Greetings from Spain.

  2. Beautiful work, wonderfully captured Jeremy! Sweet goose shot posing on one leg...I love the Egret's pose...Contrast is quite superb and your soft backgrounds are always making your subjects pop quite nicely! Greetings from Maine , thanks kindly for visiting my blog and for your nice comments..Cheers, Linda