Saturday, November 06, 2010

Very Late Swallows!

Walking along the seafront golf course here in Swansea today, I spotted a familiarly unfamiliar bird flitting overhead. Familiar because it is is a common enough visitor to these shores; unfamiliar due to the time of year, when they should be well away on their return journey to Africa. Was it or wasn't it? I looked a little closer, and sure enough it was: a Swallow! I watched it dashing to and fro above at breakneck speed, doing all it could to evade me and my camera's vain and feeble attempts to capture it in flight:

 After half an hour, it was joined by another bird, and they flew back and forth over the grassland for a further twenty-five minutes, before disappearing south-westwards towards West Cross and the setting sun. I dare say the last Swallows I shall see this year, and probably the latest I have ever seen!


  1. Extraordinary to have Swallows still about at Guy Fawkes season! Good photo, Jeremy.

  2. Yes, my leaves were in Singleton Park. Well spotted! MANY congratulations on your sale! A stunning shot.

  3. What a gorgeous blog you have! Your photography is amazing!