Thursday, December 23, 2010

Limeslade Bay Sunset

Just before sunset, I decided to head around Swansea Bay to Mumbles, on the off-chance that a decent sunset might develop. As I left Sketty, I saw good numbers of desparate Redwings feeding on Firethorn berries, and continuing to feed as I walked past just a few feet away. As I passed the golf course, the small pool I mentioned yesterday had again attracted a few birds to this unfrozen oasis: this time, a few Oystercatchers, a single Curlew, and a couple of Lapwings. On arrival at Mumbles Head, I saw more Redwings feeding on berries of the prostrate Cotoneasters that drape the rocks there. A tired Lapwing perched on a roadside verge, ignoring traffic that thundered past only a couple of feet away.
I then walked along from Bracelet Bay to Limeslade Bay, where some colours were beginning to develop in the sky:

I set up my tripod, and tried for a few shots as the sunset slowly developed from orange to pink:


  1. Breathtaking Landscapes Jeremy! What a gorgeous melon color sky and perfectly shaped rock formation...Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful holiday week!

  2. Really well done! Boom & Gary of The Vermilon River.