Monday, December 20, 2010

Snow in Swansea

We don't get much snow here in Swansea; and, when we do, it usually melts pretty quickly. However, we had some snow a couple of days ago, and the cold weather has meant it is still lying quite thickly. I went out for a walk on Friday afternoon, and took a few pictures.
Singleton Park looked picturesque under the snowfall, and many were out enjoying the conditions:

The beach was clothed in a white blanket (for those who don't know, the large, white tower in the city centre is the Meridian Tower):

This fellow wasn't going to let the snow-covered golf course stop him:

I paused to throw down some breadcrumbs, and was soon surrounded by a group of hungry Carrion Crows:

As well as this Magpie:

Under a group of pine trees, was a small area of snow-free ground, which was being taken advantage of by this single Redwing. It was so intent on finding food, that it seemed oblivious to me as I sneaked up to it for a picture:

As I reached the area where the River Clyne flows into the sea, some sunset colours began to appear in the sky over the city:

As dusk fell, I took this shot looking across to Mumbles Lighthouse:

On Saturday, I went out again.

The nearby village of Mumbles was, like everything else, covered in snow:

The sky turned pink over the Port Talbot Steelworks across the bay:

As the sun went down, the moon rose:


  1. You must be so pleased with this stunning set, Jeremy. That poor Redwing, though ...

  2. Wauw! Great photo's, very good! enjoy the snow!

  3. Great pictures,beautiful colors and light.
    Greetings Andrzej.

  4. Brilliant photos. And brought back many memories of family holidays in Mumbles. Can I ask - what is the tall pointy tower at the back of the photo taken from the beach? Definitely wasn't there last time I visited!

  5. I love the snow especially when it is still white and fresh looking.

  6. Thanks for your comments.
    Sian, the big white tower in the city centre is the Meridian Tower. It was completed a year or two ago, and is mainly apartments, with some businesses on the ground floor, and a restaurant at the top (I think the restaurant may have closed). Can't decide whether the building is a 'landmark', or an eyesore!

  7. Beautiful images! There is a restaurant at the top and it has fab views!

  8. Hi Jeremy, just come to your blog from Sian's. I'll be back to view more of your lovely photos and as the crow flies you are only about 25 miles from me across the Bristol Channel - I'm at Sand Bay just north of Weston super Mare, which is a poor relation to the Mumbles