Sunday, March 06, 2011

Chilly in Rhossili

I didn't sleep too well on Friday night, so was up early on Saturday morning. The sunrise lured me out into the chill morning air, despite the temptation for a lie-in:

I decided to head for Rhossili, at the south-west tip of the Gower Peninsula, wondering if the Red Kite which was there on my last trip might still be there, and also hoping I might connect with a Peregrine Falcon.
The day was chilly, and a hazy sunshine greeted my arrival in the village. I walked along the clifftop towards the Worm's Head, stopping to photograph a couple of passing gulls on my way:

Before long, I arrived at the tidal island of Worm's Head:

I looked across to the head, where I thought I saw a couple of seals basking on the rocks. I often see Choughs around this area, too, but didn't see any today.
There was no sign of any kite anywhere, so I continued my walk around towards Fall Bay and Mewslade Bay:

 Many of the local sheep were sporting natty pink hairdos:

As I peered over into a field, a Buzzard flew up from the ground where it had obviously been feeding, and circled obligingly overhead:

 The rocky coastline here is often a good place to spot Peregrine Falcons; and, sure enough, I soon spotted one zooming across the sea to my right. It flew inland a bit, before circling round overhead a good way in front of me. I took a few pictures, but they are very small in the frame and not worth posting. I sat down in the cool March air, hoping the bird would eventually return. It didn't! I got fed up and cold waiting around in the sea breeze, and lack of sleep was beginning to get the better of me, so I took the short cut back to Rhossili across the fields, stopping to photograph this lamb on the way:

Then home to catch up on some sleep!

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  1. Nice photos Jeremy. Most likely saw you there but without realising it! I missed out on the Peregrine on this occasion but glad to hear they are still about.