Sunday, June 05, 2011

Sunny Morning at Pennard Cliffs

Yesterday dawned warm and sunny, so I decided to head out for a walk along Pennard Cliffs on the Gower Peninsula.
There was unusual clarity to the air, allowing uninterrupted views of the beautiful landscape:

One of the many Herring Gulls that were flying overhead:

I was hoping I might be able to photograph the local population of Choughs, but the few birds I saw were at the base of the cliffs, up to a hundred yards away. Instead, I turned my macro lens to the flower-studded clifftop grassland.
A couple of shots of Greater Knapweed:


White Clover:

It was past the main flowering period of Thrift, but there were still some blooms in evidence:

Salad Burnet:

This tiny flower was growing in some numbers in the short turf, and was just a couple of inches tall (anyone know what it is?):

Germander Speedwell:

Whitethroats were plentiful amongst the gorse bushes. I managed a couple of pictures of a pair which I guessed must have had a nest nearby:

A pair of Linnets perched on another gorse bush as I passed, and I managed this shot of the female:

By early afternoon, the sky was beginning to cloud over, and by the time I got back to Swansea it was raining!


  1. Beautifull shots! Very nice macro shots of the flowers and the last three pictures of the Linnet was great!

    Have a nice Sunday evning!

  2. Yes, fine shots indeed, Jeremy. A study in what birds carry in their bills!

  3. Fantastic pictures Jeremy, my compliments.

    Greetings and a nice weekend, Joop

  4. I thin the mystery flower is probably Thyme-leaved Speedwell (Veronica serpyllifoia) - lovely photo Jeremy, I especially like the Salad Burnet flower

  5. Wow!!fantastic pictures, wonderful composition!