Saturday, May 28, 2011

More Rock Pipits and a Kestrel

A few more Rock Pipit shots from another visit to Three Cliffs Bay earlier this week:

As I sat watching the Rock Pipits, which may have had a nest nearby, I saw a Kestrel drifting past on the wind. At one point, it perched on this small bush, barely ten metres from where I sat, allowing me just enough time for this one shot, before taking to the air again:

My apologies for not making many comments on others' blogs lately, but I'm having a lot of trouble logging in to blogger - I can make posts, but not comments. If anyone knows what the problem might be, please let me know!


  1. Magnicifent pictures!
    The photo of the Kestrel was perfect! Good observation and you got in perfect in on your memory card!

    Have a nice sunday!

  2. These are stunning images,love the Kestrel.

  3. Agree with John Jeremy stunning shots, love all of them very sharp detail.Had the same problem myself keep box untocked when you sign in and you should be ok. Anthony

  4. Great shots Jeremy. Love the Kestrel and an excellent capture considering the brevity of the moment.