Thursday, October 27, 2011

Red Deer

I spent a couple of hours in Margam Park yesterday (seeing a half-dozen or so late Swallows on my way there), hoping to see some rutting deer. I seemed to have missed all the action for this year, so I had to settle for these more static shots:-
This young stag seemed to view me as a potential rival, and advanced aggressively towards me, grunting a bit, before recoiling in horror when he realised how ugly I was:

A Fallow Deer is in the background here:

This big boy was shepherding a harem of perhaps thirty hinds (I occasionally find myself in that situation; then I wake up):

Some of his 'ladies' came for a closer look at this strange creature crouching behind a tripod:


  1. Beautiful photos and animals!! We don't have gray or black squirrels here, but red or pine squirrels which thrive in a coniferous forest on the pine cones. You have something similiar in Scotland, but they have hairy tufts on their ears. Boom & Gary of the vermilon River, Canada.

  2. Just stunning. They really are wonderful animals.
    I love to watch them and better yet get photos if and when I can. I enjoyed my view here.

  3. Great set of images Jeremy with some lovely sutumnal colours in there. I meant to get to Margam myself this year to see the rut but looks like I am probably too late now.

  4. beautiful capture... just love the attire of the animal..

  5. These shots are wonderful's ery good photo work.

    Greetings, Joop