Friday, November 11, 2011

Double Dip on Gower

I went out to Wernffrwd on Gower this morning, hoping to see the Isabelline Wheatear which had been gracing the area for a few days. A few people were already there; and, as I predicted last night, not one had seen it! Just as I suspected, it knew I was coming, so decided to hop-it!
After a bit of vain scanning of the area, I took a walk along the bleak marsh road, and then looked back from whence I had come, where a lone birdman was still watching in hope:

One or two Buzzards circled overhead, and a few Curlews and egrets (probably Little, although I didn't really care, and I could barely see them anyway through my steamed-up binoculars in the driving rain), along with a sprinkling of Grey Herons, quartered the marsh. As the rain began to fall, it was altogether a bleak scene. Even the hardy Gower ponies looked fed up:

I was wondering what to do with myself, when suddenly I remembered a Snow Bunting had been reported yesterday, just down the road at Crofty. Maybe it was still there.
It wasn't! (Although a flock of around 40 Brent Geese flew up from the estuary as I neared.)
Three 'dips' in two days could be a record!?
Now thoroughly soaked, I headed for home, and began to wish I'd taken up a sensible hobby.
On the other hand, there's always tomorrow, and the weather looks quite good for Saturday!

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  1. Bad luck Jeremy but that first photo sums up the feeling of a dip perfectly. On a more positive note I found a Barn Owl at about half ten this evening sat on a fence post near Llanrhidian along the marsh road. Too dark for photos obviously but great to see.