Sunday, November 27, 2011

Grey-Day Landscapes

My visit to Rhossili in my previous post was marked by grey and dreary weather, with barely a hint of sunshine, so the day was not ideal for landscape photography, to say the least. However, I did take a few snaps, which may be even more dull than my usual efforts!
Here's the view from the base of the cliffs where I was photographing the Purple Sandpipers, looking back towards Rhossili Down:

Looking towards Worm's Head:

 Worm's Head again, with a barnacle-covered ship's anchor in the foreground:

A couple of shipwrecks. I'm not sure which ships they are, but I think Adam Tilt might know:

As I began walking back, the wind got up, blowing sand in horizontal streaks across the open beach:

Rhossili Down, with the Old Rectory:

The wreck of 'The Helvetia', with the small island of Burry Holms in the distance:

And the same wreck with Worm's Head as a backdrop:

Trudging up to Rhossili village, I looked back towards 'The Worm':

Finally, a shot of Rhossili Down:

Apparantly, a Snow Bunting was seen atop Rhossili Down on that day, so perhaps I should have gone up there!


  1. Wonderful shots, probably because of the weather.
    The blowing sand is a bonus.

  2. BEAUTIFUL pictures with lovely colors and good compositions....very nice done Jeremy.

    greetings, Joop

  3. Beautiful images Jeremy... you have a wonderful stretch of coast to visit.

  4. Wooow! What for beautiful landscapes. I can't say which is the best. I like all pictures.
    Have a nice sunday!

  5. These are really some very beautiful images and the colours, while subdued, are quite refreshing to view... Nice series

  6. Some beautiful landscape images there Jeremy. Enjoyed viewing them.

  7. Lovely images. There is a PATH down to the beach now??! In the 1960's when I visited every year on holiday it was a scramble down a very rough cliff path. Your photos brought back happy memories :-)

  8. Hi Sian,
    Thanks for your comments. I must have first visited Rhossili in the early '90s, and there has always been a path down there since then!