Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Caswell Bay at Dusk

I went for a walk round at Caswell Bay in late afternoon. This was the scene that greeted me:

After a stroll around in nearby Bishop's Wood, I returned to the beach as darkness fell:

I had been hoping for a nice sunset, but instead I had to make do with a few long-exposure shots of the blue dusk:

These two shots were the longest exposures of all, which allowed the nearby tungsten lights to register on the sensor, and add their own hues to the scene:

It was strangely therapeutic standing virtually alone on the sand in near darkness, with only the sounds of the waves and wind for company, and nice to have a brief respite from the constant clamour and haste of modernity!


  1. I don't usually enjoy cool tones but these are an exception.

  2. Oh my...these are truly esquisite...brilliant soft beauty shows up in each one and the final image that ends this post...full of warmth and invite...very lovely series~

  3. You're definitely getting the most out of the lighting at the moment. I'm a big fan of the cool blue palette.