Wednesday, October 06, 2010

High Tide

This evening, I walked along to Blackpill, which is where the birds gather at high tide on Swansea Bay. I spotted three Brent Geese fly in, as well as a couple of Grey Plovers. There was also the usual large flock of Oystercatchers, together with a large group of Dunlins, mixed in with a smaller number of Ringed Plovers, and a handful of Turnstones. I sat down quietly on the beach with my 500mm lens, hoping a bird or two would come close enough for some pictures. After a short time, a few Dunlins trotted by, sometimes coming too close to focus on, and enabled me to get some pictures:

After a while, a mad dog rushed onto the beach, and put the Oystercatcher flock to flight:

One flying quite close in front of me:

Once the sun went over the horizon, I headed home!