Saturday, October 09, 2010

Some Landscape Shots

A few shots from a walk around Three Cliffs Bay on the Gower Peninsula this afternoon. The day's outing began in sunshine, and was unusually warm for the time of year. However, naturally enough, as soon as I arrived in the area, the clouds rolled over, the wind blew, and it became quite murky and cool for a time. Anyway, I tried to make the most of the conditions, and managed a few pictures. The first picture was taken as I approached the beach, looking across the saltmarsh into the hazy sun; two of the three cliffs which give the beach its name are visible in the top left:

This shot was taken looking across the Pennard Pill - a small stream which flows into the sea here - towards the distant Oxwich Point. One of the three cliffs can be seen in the top left:

I then pointed my camera along the Pill towards the three cliffs themselves:

Very soon, the tide began coming in, engulfing the stream as it did so, so I climbed up some nearby cliffs to safety, and a better vantage point for viewing the whole bay:

As the sun started to set, a few gaps appeared in the clouds, allowing some subtle hues to colour the clouds and the water below:

Always a pleasant place for a walk, and a little light photography!

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  1. Great set of landscapes and story! I love how the water, grass , and rock all compliment one another. Excellent composition! Cheers, Linda