Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Langland Bay

This evening, I went round to Langland Bay, via the smaller Rotherslade Bay, where I spotted this couple on the beach, with a stormy sky beyond:

I continued past Langland Bay to Langland Point, where I took this shot looking westwards along the coast:

And this one, as the sun began to break through the clouds:

Here's the coastal path, with Pwll Du Head and Oxwich Point in the distance:

I clambered up the hillside on to Langland Bay Golf Course, from where I was rewarded with this view of Caswell Bay:

I walked back along the edge of the golf course, and arrived back at Langland as the sun's last rays were casting their yellowish light onto the bay and its buildings:

I decided to put on my 500mm lens, and zero in on some distant headlands:

Looking west from Langland Point, I was able to capture the sun just as it dipped over the horizon:

With a long exposure and two or three filters (polariser, neutral density, neutral density graduated), I captured some strange pink hues:

A final shot of the sunset:

And a picture of the moon over Langland Bay:

Before heading for home.

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