Thursday, February 10, 2011

Red-legged Partridge

Walking through Singleton Park late this afternoon, I spotted the Red-legged Partridge that I had seen last weekend, again in the field at the back of St. Paul's Church. I hurried home to get my big lens, and spent the last hour or so before dark attempting to get some photos and footage of this seemingly out-of-place bird.
At first, the partridge sheltered from the rain in the lee of a hedge, but eventually it ventured into the open, and I poked my lens through the hedge to get this shot:

After a bit of sneaking around, I managed to get close enough for a reasonable portrait:

The bird wandered across towards the church car park, and at one point seemed to be trying to hide from me behind the kerb:

By now, it was getting dark, and I was down to 1/160th of a second at ISO 1600 and maximum aperture for this shot: 

The bird was now wandering across the car park, so I thought I'd better leave it alone, in case my presence caused it to walk into the path of a passing car!

I also managed a bit of video footage:

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