Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Sunday's Sunset

Last Sunday evening, January 30th, I noticed some colours developing in the sky, and so decided to walk up the half-mile or so onto a hill above my house to see if anything like a decent sunset would develop. For those that know the area, this is the hill above the Hendrefoelan Student Village, to the north of the Gower Road.
Here's the view that greeted me from the hilltop, as I gazed across suburban Swansea to the Gower Peninsula beyond:

The sunset colours were quite intense at their height:

I zoomed in on the hazy hues of the distant hills:

This craggy Hawthorn provided some foreground interest:

Suburban dusk:

A lone Ash tree:

A final shot before heading for home:


  1. beautiful colors
    I like very much the last 3 images
    really nice

  2. Gorgeous sunset images Jeremy! I especially love the branches on the tree and where you placed it .....It is a beautiful little town with the cozy lights throughout....I always love your landscapes! Cheers, Linda

  3. Very nice sunsets Jeremy. It certainly was a gorgeous day on Saturday.

    Adam @ My Life Outside

  4. From pastels to intense red!! Great shots. Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.