Sunday, May 22, 2011


Until yesterday, I had only ever seen two badgers - and one of those was dead! Anyway, as it was my birthday yesterday, I decided to treat myself with a spot of badger watching in mid Wales. Unfortunately, the weather was terrible for photography and filming, with strong winds and heavy rain for most of the nearly two hours we were there, although at least we were under cover in a hide, so didn't get too wet. To be going on with, here's some video footage I shot:

I'll probably post some photos later, once I've had a look through to see if I managed any decent shots in the very low light levels.


  1. Great post, and hope you got some good stills. Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  2. Exellent!
    Such nice animals! Hope I can get some photos of them myself!

    Have a nice week!

  3. Excellent video Jeremy. I've personally only seen a Badger once and that brief glimpse is still etched in my mind. Where did you go to do this as it's something I have wanted to do for a while now.

  4. Happy birthday ... for yesterday!

    What lovely footage, Jeremy ... and I THINK I may know your hide (having watched badgers there myself some years back, though I may not be on the right track, of course!).

    We first watched (three generations) of Badgers in the wild in Northumbria ... such a thrilling experience, having to wear grey-green camouflage, and making sure that our scent would not be carried down wind.

    I am amazed, though, that you haven't seen more dead ones as regrettably we see these on the road at not infrequent intervals.

    I much look forward to your photos ...