Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Caswell Bay Sunset

I was wandering around the flower-filled hilltop meadow above Caswell Bay late yesterday afternoon. After an hour or so chasing butterflies, I took the coastal footpath leading from Caswell around to Langland Bay. I looked back to see some interesting colours developing in the sky:

Hoping a nice sunset might develop, I decided to linger a little longer than I had intended, and climbed up onto the nearby Caswell Bay Golf Course, from where I had a grandstand view of the glorious show:

I didn't have my tripod with me, so had to rest the camera on my camera bag, which led to these grasses appearing prominently in the foreground:

I changed my camera position slightly, and removed a few of the more intrusive grass stems, to give me a clearer view of the changing colours:

I switched from my 17-40mm lens to the 70-200mm for this shot of Cefn Bryn:

It was now pretty dark, so I walked along the golf course, before descending to Langland Point, where I took one more shot - a 30-second exposure looking westwards along the south Gower coastline:

It was certainly one of the better sunsets I've seen in a while!


  1. Wonderful pictures with very nice colors.

  2. wonderful colors! pink,blue...but the last picture -speechless-WOW!

  3. The last is a beauty. I prefer the grass in the third and fourth shots. I like the way they filter the light.

  4. Nature certainly puts on a great show.
    Lovely captures.

  5. Absolutely loved the shot you left with us on GowerGateway.ning.com

    Thanks J.

    I hope to capture some close-up's of garden flowers soon as we have got ourselves a Macro lens! Whoopie, so I'll be back to check out more of your amazing shots for some tips.

    ~ Rhianne