Thursday, August 04, 2011

Tuesday's Sunset

I took a walk along Swansea seafront on Tuesday evening.
As I reached Blackpill, I noticed the last rays of the sun were lighting up the Mumbles lighthouse and pier across the water:

It was now high tide on the beach in front of me. In the gloaming, I could just make out six Sandwich Terns roosting with a group of gulls.
I turned around to see the most beautiful sunset developing. I wished I'd been on Gower, where I could have found an attractive foreground for some photos, so I had to make do with these shots, taken with the only lens I had with me - a 90mm macro:

The sky turned from red to pink, before fading to darkness disappointingly quickly:


  1. Fantastic light and very nice compositions,
    good work Jeremy.

  2. I am SO glad I discovered your work, it's remarkable!

    I would love to do a feature on our Community website Gower Gateway, what do you say?

    I have shared the link to your blog with the whole of my Twitter community of followers too.


  3. If i have had such a chance to see such a scene, i would not forget it during the whole lifespan.