Monday, August 29, 2011

Swallows of Martin's Haven

The small cove of Martin's Haven, from where we set off for our boat trips two weekends ago, has only three buildings, one of which is a block of public toilets, with a small information room next door. Swallows are now nesting in both buildings, with a small hole having been cut in the top of the info. room's wooden door to allow swallows access to their nest. The toilet doors are left open at all times, allowing unhindered access to the several pairs of birds which nest in both the men's and women's toilets, as well as the small porch between the two.
Here's one bird perched on the guttering outside the building:

Turning left into the men's toilet, I managed to photograph this adult feeding its young at the nest:

This bird would sometimes perch on the cistern, before visiting its nest (there was a sign on the side of the cistern indicating that a swallow had recently fallen in there, and that someone had put gauze over the opening to stop it happening again - what a way to go!):

The following three shots are of the well-grown brood which were nesting in the building's porch:

I finally got fed up of hanging around in the toilets (there was hardly anyone around), and went out for some fresh air, where I was able to capture this swallow as it dashed over a nearby cornfield:


  1. lovely!! so cute:)
    In Poland,we believe that having Swallows in the house brings good luck :)

  2. Very good shots Jeremy,
    the last one is the best....great !!

  3. Beautiful Swallows photos. Hanging about in the gents toilet, they maybe talking about you??????

  4. Lovely selection of images very good flight shot and like your header.