Monday, February 25, 2013

Badger and Fox on a Trail Camera

Whilst out in the woods on Friday evening looking for Tawny Owls, I stumbled upon (nearly stumbled in, actually, as the holes were so big) a large Badger sett. This is only the third sett I've found, and all within the last few months, so I must be getting my eye in. Anyway, I went back on Saturday evening about 6.30 and put my trail camera in place nearby, sprinkling a few peanuts down to tempt any passing wildlife. Here's a compilation of one night's footage, taken on the 23rd/24th:

The first Badger appeared about 7.30 p.m., only about an hour after I'd left the area, and the last one retired for the day at 6.30 a.m., so they are pretty nocturnal at the moment. The Foxes (which may be sharing the same sett), however, were active before dusk and still active at 10 a.m.
Not sure if this is one Badger, or several different ones passing through; but, judging by the size of the sett and the number of holes, I'd say the latter. I can't wait for the warmer evenings to come, when I'll hopefully be able to spend some time watching them in person!


  1. I like that Jeremy. I shall have to try my trail camera on my badgers. I would be interested to know what make/model you have.

  2. Excellent footage Jeremy. Sounds like you're really getting the knack of locating and filming Badgers.

  3. Excellent footage Jeremy. There is so much going on after dark that we wouldn't see if modern technology wasn't available, well captured!

  4. Thanks for your comments. Mike, my camera is a KeepGuard, available for only about £90 on ebay.

  5. An exciting footage showing us, well captured and thanks for the look.


  6. Sweet, the Badger (der Dachs) and the fox (der Fuchs).
    I hope it will soon be warmer.

  7. Nice footage!! I've never got any video so close like this.Thanks for shairing this.

    Thanks a lot!
    Time lapse