Saturday, February 23, 2013

Tawny Owl Calling

I was out a few days ago, trying for another star-trail shot, when I heard this Tawny Owl calling from the direction of Clyne Woods. It was gone midnight, so there few cars about, and its call carried quite a way. I decided to leave my camera unattended to do its thing, and headed over towards the owl to see if I could get  a sound recording of its hooting. I pointed my Olympus Pen camera towards a nearby road, which was the only thing bright enough to register in the darkness, and pointed a directional microphone towards where the owl was hooting (I couldn't see it). For a first effort, I'm quite pleased with the quality:

For non-lovers of star-trail shots, you'll be pleased to know I dropped my wide-angled lens the other day, necessitating an expensive repair which I can't afford at the moment. So no more star-trails for a while (probably)!


  1. That's a sound I love to hear when I stay in north Wales. Beautiful looking birds too.

    Sorry to hear about the lens.

  2. Very good quality on the sound! Love to hear the owls in the night!

    Sorry about your lens!

  3. Great capture Jeremy! A hauntingly (in my opinion) beautiful sound which some years ago I would lay in bed and hear often, sadly encroaching building making our location less rural has put paid to that in recent years.

    Regarding your lens...Ouch!! I feel your pain :-(

  4. ✿✿彡
    Bem diferente, gostei do pio da coruja.
    Bom fim de semana!
    Beijinhos do Brasil.