Friday, July 13, 2012

Badger on a Trail Camera

Just trying out a new trail camera I purchased a few days ago. I sprinkled a few peanuts on a likely-looking path in a Gower wood, and set up the camera for a couple of nights to see if anything took the bait.
It didn't take long for a Badger to show up:

Marbled Whites

Nicholaston Burrows on the Gower Peninsula is a good place to see Marbled Whites, surely Britain's most-beautiful of this butterfly family. Despite the fairly overcast conditions on Monday evening, a few sunny intervals had goaded maybe a dozen of these 'leps' into action. The semi-cloudy conditions meant they were perhaps more docile than usual, and I was able to sneak up for a few handheld close-ups with my 90mm macro lens:

I returned again on Wednesday evening, but was greeted by a shower and far fewer butterflies. This shot, taken with my 70-200mm mounted on a tripod, and using an extension tube to enable closer focus, was all I could manage:

This wet summer has been very poor for butterflies, so to get any shots of them in the bag was a bonus!

Saturday, July 07, 2012

Puffins in Flight

Very difficult to capture these speeding bullets as they whizz past at high speed, but I managed a few reasonable flight shots on my recent trip to Pembrokeshire:

The weather was closing in by now, and for this last shot I had to resort to a high ISO to get a fast enough shutter speed:

Within a half-hour, just before we boarded the boat to the mainland, it was starting to rain.
However, it seemed we timed the trip well, as it coincided with about the only three dry days we've had this summer!