Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Sunday's Snaps

After not much sleep on Saturday night, a sunny Sunday lured me out into the great blue yonder. I was too tired to lug my DSLR with me, so took my little Olympus Pen Mini EPM-1 with me on my walk along Swansea seafront. Gale-force winds soon blew over some dramatic clouds and squally showers, resulting in some dramatic cloudscapes over Mumbles Head:

Thunder and lightning made occasional appearances on what was a dream day for landscape photography. The combination of heavy rain and sunshine resulted in the inevitable spectacular rainbows over the bay:

Unfortunately, just after taking this shot, the battery in my camera ran out, and I realised to my horror I had neglected to bring a spare with me. There's a moral in there somewhere!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Life in the Slow Lane: Rhossili

What with the dull and dreary weather we've had lately, I haven't had much inclination to get out with my camera, or post to this blog.
So, here's a little video of the countryside around the village of Rhossili on the Gower Peninsula here in Wales, filmed on December 11th last year. It's a bit long and slow, but it does (hopefully) show the peace and beauty of the place in winter when there is hardly anyone around: