Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Versatile Blogger Award

Excuse this unusual post, but I've just realised I've been awarded a 'Versatile Blogger' award by Shaun at Valleys Shutterbug, so thought, for once, I'd play along with the game. Thanks, Shaun - I think!

Here are the instructions that go with the award:

* Thank the person who gave you this award and link back to their blog.
* Next, select 15 blogs / bloggers that you've recently discovered or follow regularly.
* Nominate those 15 bloggers for the 'Versatile Blogger Award'.
* Finally, tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself.

Okay, here are a random,

 Seven Things About Me:  

1. My surname, Inglis, is of Scottish origin, and is pronounced 'Ingles', not 'Ing-gliss'. Many Inglises who move out of Scotland change the spelling to Ingles or Ingalls to combat the problem non-Scots have with the pronunciation. At school, I was sometimes called 'Laura' or 'Mary', after the girls in the 'Little House on the Prairie' TV show and books by Laura Ingalls Wilder!  

2. I was born in Winchester, Hampshire, England, but spent most of my twenties living in Merthyr Tydfil, Wales. In a programme shown on Channel 4 in 2006, Winchester was rated the best place to live in the U.K., and Merthyr was third-worst!  
3. I spent two of my teenage years in Ottawa, Canada.  

4. I used to play for various football (soccer) teams, mainly as a goalkeeper.  

5. I nearly got two holes-in-one on the same hole in successive rounds of golf - I hit the flag with my tee-shot on the first hole of rounds played back-to-back, but missed both putts for birdies. (My only hole-in-one remains one at the ninth hole at Ynysangharad Park Pitch-and-Putt - it's about twenty yards long!)  

6. I live in a rugby-mad country, but don't much care for the game! 

 7. I am a naturalist, but don't much care for spiders! 

And the award goes to:

(If you don't participate in awards, memes, or blogging games, then feel free to ignore the tag. You still deserve a mention.)

1. Adam at My Life Outside
2. Caroline at Wild and Wonderful
5. Christian at Hiding in Cars
6. Tammy at I Heart Florida Birds
7. Leiv at Akset Naturfoto
10. Adrian at Adrian's Images
11. Keith at Holding Moments
13. Dawn at Dawn's Bloggy Blog
14. Angela at Angifotos
15. Warren at Pittswood Birds

Thanks again for the award. Even if you weren't tagged, share one random fact about yourself.

That was a fairly random selection of nature blogs I've looked at lately, so sorry if I've missed you off the list - it wasn't intentional!


  1. How fun for you and it was nice to hear a bit about you as well. My maiden name and now middle name is Howell and I was always told I was of Welch descent as well as a spot of the Irish too. I too am not at all fond of spiders, for I avoid them at every level. I have tried taking images of them and even shared some and then I think about them all night;( Nice share~

  2. Hi Mary, Thank you for your comment. When I was compiling that list of 15 blogs, I knew there was one I was missing off, and couldn't remember which it was - of course, it was yours. Sorry for missing you off the list!
    We do hear the names Howell and Howells a lot round here, so I'm sure you have some Welsh in you somewhere!

  3. Oh, just now I've seen. Thank you very much Jeremy.
    It's very nice to read about you.
    I've thought of the TV show 'Little House on the Prairie' ("Unsere kleine Farm" in German) if I've read you name. I like this serie.
    In Switzerland we haven't any dangerous spiders, so I like it and I take care of it (in my home too).
    Sorry I don't participate.
    If you want something know about me, please ask me (in German if you can :-)) I'll answer in english if I can.

    Your pictures are always so fantastic, I Like it.
    Greetings from Switzerland