Thursday, October 23, 2014

Black-headed Gulls Feeding Frenzy

I came across these Black-headed Gulls feeding frantically at high tide along Swansea Bay on September 10th. What do you think they are feeding on - Sandhoppers?


  1. Lovely birds to watch, so neat and small compared with the Herring Gulls. Plenty of them about here in Torbay and they seem very keen to feed anywhere there is seaweed-even if it's floating in the sea.

  2. Thanks for commenting. Yes, they are quite elegant birds, although they do make a racket with their tern-like shrieking!

  3. Jeremy, I love this! The sound of the waves crashing, the seagulls calling, the beautiful views. Fantastic video! If you haven't already, you could have a YouTube account with these videos, they are the type I share on my page to help people to relax. Thanks so much for sharing!