Monday, January 10, 2011

Birds in Flight

Not satisfied with the autofocus on my 7D and 40D, I splashed out recently on a secondhand Canon 1D Mark III. On Saturday, I went out for a stroll down to the beach to try it our for the first time. This Common Gull flew closer when I threw some bread down on the sand:

On the nearby golf course, Carrion Crows also couldn't resist the lure of breadcrumbs:

Further along the beach, this Curlew flew past, and the camera locked on quite nicely, even with a 1.4x converter attached:

Sunday was nice and bright, so I decided to head round to Bracelet Bay, which is known for its population of Mediterranean Gulls:

After a few shots, I climbed up onto the headland overlooking Mumbles lighthouse. A Buzzard soon drifted very close overhead, allowing me to take a few framefilling shots. The light was in the wrong direction, but I did my best:

The sun was now very low in the sky, and I clambered down for a few more gull shots. Mingling with the Med. Gulls were the similar-looking Black-headed Gulls, and they made for lovely subjects themselves in the buttery late afternoon sunshine:

I have to say I am pretty impressed with this camera, and you may well see my 7D and / or 40D up for sale on ebay very shortly!


  1. a stunning blog (photos)
    greetings from North wales!

  2. Greetings Jeremy...I love how you have captured the grace in these lovely birds and your composition is always superb and timing, light gathering! ...a brilliant set in flight! I look forward to your amazing photography in this new year, Linda

  3. Seem's like a good upgrade, those image are awseome! The a perfect shot!